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Philippians is a special warm letter of Paul, written from prison to this beloved Church he founded on his 2nd missionary journey. His theme is the JOY IN JESUS CHRIST as he exhorts them to seek unity in humility, shows them how to live above present circumstances, and to rise above adversity in the JOY of the LORD.


Author: The Apostle Paul
Date: ±A.D.61-62
Joy, Rejoice

2019 Series

JOY in Fellowship
2019-10-13  |  DeBeer  |  Philippians 1:1-11

2010 Series

To live is Christ
2010-05-02  |  DeBeer  |  Philippians 1:1-30
Serving in Humility
2010-05-09  |  DeBeer  |  Philippians 2:1-30
All for Christ
2010-05-16  |  DeBeer  |  Philippians 3:1-21
Walking the Walk
2010-05-23  |  DeBeer  |  Philippians 4:1-23