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Leviticus is the 3rd Book of Moses and it is about the reconciliation between a Holy God and sinful man. Because fellowship is restricted by sin and impurity, this is an instruction book for worship, and it deals with the necessary Rituals, Sacrifices and Purity necessary.


Author: Moses
Date: ±1525-1446 B.C.
Holiness, Purity, Sacrifice, Priesthood

2019 Series

Sacrifices for Reconciliation
2019-07-24  |  DeBeer  |  Leviticus 1:1-5:13
Ordained for Reconciliation
2019-07-31  |  DeBeer  |  Leviticus 5:14-10:20
Purity for Reconciliation
2019-08-14  |  DeBeer  |  Leviticus 11:1-15:33
Covering for Reconciliation
2019-08-21  |  DeBeer  |  Leviticus 16:1-17:16