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This is the personal lament of the prophet Habakkuk, concerning the sin in Judah during the latter part of the 7th century BC. After the great reform under King Josiah they had fallen to the depths of wickedness and immorality. The book is about the life of faith. Trusting God when you do not understand what He's doing.


Author: Habakkuk
Date: ±609-607 B.C.
Faith, Vision, Woe, Burden

2020 Series

The Trial of Faith
2020-12-20  |  DeBeer  |  Habakkuk 1:1-17
The Life of Faith
2020-12-27  |  DeBeer  |  Habakkuk 2:1-20
The Victory of Faith
2021-01-03  |  DeBeer  |  Habakkuk 3:1-19